Gym & Tonic your home away from home in Newstead.

If the thought of going to the gym makes you feel like a fish out of water, know that you're not alone. Our space is all about feeling comfortable and welcomed.

We recognise the demands of your busy lifestyle and the impact it has on your training. That's why we've crafted a flexible workout environment, centered around long-term commitment to training rather than short-term success.

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Let's discuss your goals and health concerns. Everyone is different and it's important to learn more about each other to see if we're a good fit.

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Our recovery program was founded with the aspiration to provide a holistic haven for our clients - a singular destination that melds the intensity of robust training with the essentials of injury prevention and a serene space to unwind. Be able bounce back faster in your everyday living.

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Social Sweat Club

Get ready to elevate your workout experience at 'Social Sweat', the ultimate social training event designed for fitness enthusiasts of all levels! Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, 'Social Sweat' offers a unique blend of engaging workouts, lively social interaction and healthy refreshments. 

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  • Courtney

    "I've trained with Mitch for over 12 months and I can honestly say I've never felt better about myself. Not only have I been able to get closer to the body I've always wanted, but it's the time of day I most look forward to every time I work out."

  • Andrew

    "I've lost 10kg with Mitch in the last 3 months. Gym & Tonic is such a welcome space where my goals are taken seriously, with a plan and accountability at each stage."

  • Jodie

    "I've been training with Mitch for over 5 years. I would never go with another trainer - no one gets me like Mitch does."

  • Dallas

    "Excellent PT experience, takes the time to really look at your form and correct it for the right work outs. My results have been amazing and my confidence working out on my own even higher now."

  • Piet

    "Mitch really listened and took the time to understand my strengths, weaknesses and problems area before creating my program. During training Mitch places great emphasis on technique and form and has a lovely way of keeping it simple. I have achieved my greater results with Mitch. "

  • Katherine

    "Mitch makes it easy to go to the gym and make a habit of going. He pushes you when you need to be challenged and he's supporting when you need encouraement. i highly recommend him as a PT."

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Who is Mitch, and why should you care?

Hey I'm Mitch. I am the founder of Gym & Tonic, an alternative to all gyms and wellness centres.

It’s not about achieving your goals quickly. It’s about setting yourself up for success. He understands that everyone has their own individual journey, it's not about perfection, it's about progression.

At Gym & Tonic it's my mission to make you feel at home while you achieve your goals. I've built a community of like-minded people who are here to have a good time while they hit their goals.

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