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Feeling tired and out of shape? It's time for a change! Reclaim your vitality and achieve the body you've always dreamed of with Gym & Tonic. Start your transformation today!


Achieve Your Ideal Body
Everyone's fitness journey is unique. Whether your goal is to shed fat through a calorie deficit or build lean muscle with a calorie surplus, we’ve got you covered. We tailor your meal plan and training program to fit your dietary needs, late-night cravings, and busy lifestyle. Let's work together to turn your goals into achievements!

  • Courtney

    "I've trained with Mitch for over 12 months and I can honestly say I've never felt better about myself. Not only have I been able to get closer to the body I've always wanted, but it's the time of day I most look forward to every time I work out."

  • Andrew

    "I've lost 10kg with Mitch in the last 3 months. Gym & Tonic is such a welcome space where my goals are taken seriously, with a plan and accountability at each stage."

  • Jodie

    "I've been training with Mitch for over 5 years. I would never go with another trainer - no one gets me like Mitch does."

  • Dallas

    "Excellent PT experience, takes the time to really look at your form and correct it for the right work outs. My results have been amazing and my confidence working out on my own even higher now."

  • Piet

    "Mitch really listened and took the time to understand my strengths, weaknesses and problems area before creating my program. During training Mitch places great emphasis on technique and form and has a lovely way of keeping it simple. I have achieved my greater results with Mitch. "

  • Katherine

    "Mitch makes it easy to go to the gym and make a habit of going. He pushes you when you need to be challenged and he's supporting when you need encouraement. i highly recommend him as a PT."

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Meal Plan

Join us and gain access to customised, home-cooked meal plans designed to fit perfectly within your macros. Our approach is simple yet powerful: provide you with healthy, balanced, and delicious meals, expertly crafted by professional chefs using only the finest ingredients.

  • Grilled Steak

    531kcal | Protein: 43g | Fat: 30g | Carbs: 3g

  • Harissa Prawns

    403kcal | Protein: 31g | Fat: 9g | Carbs: 40g

  • Braised Beef Pizza

    262kcal | Protein: 10g | Fat: 11g | Carbs: 29g

Personal Trainer Newstead

About Mitch

Mitch brings a wealth of experience and passion to his role as a personal trainer. With a background in sports science and years of hands-on experience in the fitness industry, Mitch has helped countless clients transform their lives through effective, customised training plans.