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Looking for personalized training to achieve your fitness goals? Meet Mitch at Gym & Tonic Newstead! Get expert guidance, tailored workout plans, and the support you need to succeed.

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"I've been training with Mitch for over 5 years. I would never go with another trainer - no one gets me like Mitch does."

- Jodie

  • Emma L.

    "Training with Mitch has been life-changing. When I started, I felt weak and lacked confidence. Mitch's personalised approach and constant encouragement have helped me build incredible strength and self-esteem."

  • Mark D.

    "Joining Gym & Tonic Newstead was the best decision I've ever made. With Mitch's expert guidance, I've lost over 30 pounds in three months and feel more energetic than ever."

  • Sarah P.

    "Mitch at Gym & Tonic Newstead has been phenomenal. I wanted to tone up and improve my overall fitness. Mitch designed a program that perfectly suited my needs, and his motivational style kept me going even when it got tough."

  • John R.

    "At 65, I never thought I'd be in the best shape of my life, but Mitch and the team proved me wrong. With a tailored program that considered my age and physical limitations, I've regained strength, flexibility, and vitality. Mitch's supportive approach has made all the difference."