Our Facilities

Is there onsite parking?
We have two on-site car parks in front of our premises. If these are taken there is plenty of on-street metered parking available in Masters Street. Alternatively there is two hours free parking in Gasworks which is less than 200 meters away.

Membership / General Information

What memberships do Gym & Tonic offer?
We take pride in finding out your personal budget and needs and tailor a membership that suits you and your goals.
Can I put my membership on hold?
Yes you can put your membership on hold. We understand that life gets in the way. Give us a call and we can discuss it.
Do you offer a trial?
Yes we do, contact us now to to start your trail.
What are the contract terms?
All Training Plans are available in both 6 and 12 month options. These can be paid weekly or with a 5% discount for paying 6 months upfront and 10% discount for 12 months upfront.

Personal Training

Is this program too advanced? How do I know if I’m ready for this kind of training program?
Our smaller, more individualised focus, ensures we meet you where you’re currently at and over time progress you to where you need to be. You go to the doctor when you’re sick, not when your well. Likewise, people come to us to get into shape, not because they’re already fit and healthy.
What makes your personal training unique?
Working on systems for the busy individual using superset and lifting techniques to prevent injuries and fixing body mechanics issues too help people perform better in every day life making them feel and look younger.
I’m interested in Personal training, how can I book in?
Give us a call on 0423 233 845 and we can organise a consultation, or book a consultation online via our products page. Once you are a member you can book in online to different session times.
What types of fitness programs do you offer?
We offer a variety of programs including fat loss, weight management, muscle building, athlete performance training, biomechanics, rehabilitation and more, all customised to your fitness level and goals.
I have an injury, what does that mean?
If you have any pre-existing injuries or areas you are concerned about, please let us know and our experienced coaches will adapt the program according to your needs. Many of my clients have had sore backs and weak knees - in fact, that's often why they come to us in the first place. We are also very thorough with programming balance, client warm-ups, and cool-downs in order to prevent injury and assist recovery around sessions.
How many training workouts are included?
You can train as many times a week as you like. We can tailor a program for beginners at 2 times a week all the way to experienced pros 7 times a week. The Platinum Plan includes 3 face to face sessions per week while Gold is 2 per week.

Online Training / Training App

Can I track my progress?
As a part of your membership you will get access to Trainerize, a mobile app for all of your programs, workout sessions, measurements, and progress tracking. You can even link it to MyFitnessPal to track your food and your Fitbit or Apple Watch for exercise tracking.
Can I follow a program ?
Yes, we build individual programs depending on your goals.
Will the trainer contact me?
Yes, our online programs have daily check in and offer phone call services to all our members.

Wellness Zone

What equipment do you offer as apart of your wellness zone?
- Infrared Sauna - Light Therapy - Massage Gun - Normatec Compression Technology - Complex Tense Machine - Lemon Heat Pack - Vibration Trigger Ball - Foam Rollover Technology All available on our products page.
How do I book in?
When you purchase one of our services, you will be promoted to book in through our calendar system. If you are experiencing any issues please let us know via out Contact page.
How do I purchase products?
Please go to our products page to purchase our many services. If there is a service you are after that we don't offer, feel free to get in contact with us and we can see if we can help.


What services do you offer?
Exercise is half the equation. The other half is great nutrition. We have two services that we provide. 1. Nutrition plan 2. Custom meals made to fit your needs made by our very own company.
What is the name of the meals company?
Achieve Meals is curated by our personal chefs and dietitians, ensures a seamless blend of delicious flavours and essential nutrients to support your goals.
Who makes the meals?
We've partnered with founder and Head Chef of Naïm Restaurant, Vince Estacio. Inspired by traditional flavours, NAÏM offers an innovative and respectful interpretation of Middle Eastern cuisine.